Best Plastic free Organic Pads Online

Yep, this is Us. 

We’re a team of international women who all call SoCal home. We’re passionate about eliminating all of the crap that’s in everyday tampons and pads and bringing you delightfully organic products that don’t cost the earth. We also seriously hate plastic. It’s 2017 people! There should be no single use plastic when there doesn’t need to be. So we don’t use any. At all. Yay us! And You! 

Plastic Free Organic Tampons Online


Certified Organic, GOTS, ICEA. 

Our cotton is grown with extreme care and to the best natural international certified organic standards, which means everything from the soil, to water use, and of course chemicals (of which there are none), is strictly monitored and regulated. It also means that all stages of production are carefully monitored as well. (GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard, ICEA: European Eco/Bio Standard)

Toxin Free. Hypoallergenic, chemical free, and 100% organic cotton.

Our tampons are encased in fine a 100% organic cotton veil to avoid fibres staying in our bodies. Our pads and pantyliners have the 100% organic cotton cover woven into the organic padding, so nothing comes loose or gets messy. We are chlorine bleach and dioxin free. There are no glues, synthetics, perfumes, bleaches or dyes used in our products.

Plastic Free. 

We don’t use plastic. Our “twist” applicators are a smooth biodegradable, comfortable, and compostable cardboard, our wrappers are paper, and our packaging is burlap and recycled paper. Our pads and pantyliners are wrapped in a compostable starch film, and a biodegradable polymer adhesive makes them stay in place. Did you know that the average plastic-applicator tampon user goes through 7,300 plastic applicators in their lifetime? That’s a lot of plastic trash! And it ends up in our landfills and waterways – this is not okay with us.

Completely Compostable.

Everything we use is compostable so we can limit the effect we have on our environment and the Earth.

Customized Selection to Match Your Flow. 

Every body is different. You select what is right for you. Go with tampons, pads or pantyliners. Choose them all or mix them up together!

Accessible to All Women. 

Our mission is to make organic tampons and pads affordable and accessible for everyone.  So we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible. No woman should be forced into using toxic products because she can’t afford or doesn’t have access to an organic option.

Socially Responsible. 

For every month bought, we give a day pack of feminine hygiene to homeless women on our streets. Can you imagine getting your period while being homeless? We are also creating an awesome team by employing people who haven’t had the same access to education or opportunity in our community. Underserved populations need our help, and we are better thanks to them.