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Once you’ve been approved for the Tampon Tribe Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share on your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, websites, etc. You can even create the exact link that you want on the Apply page


The more you promote, the more you earn. Take advantage of our simple linking tools and eye-catching banners. Share Tampon Tribe with your audience and monetize your social networks. Excellent.


Make excellent commission! Earn 20% of the first month of paid subscriptions for every new Tampon Tribe member you refer – then sit back and earn a recurring revenue stream of 10% for every month that a referred member’s subscription renews! Too easy. Oh, and get paid directly into you PayPal account.

Meet Our Affiliates

Our affiliates include stylemakers, students, parents, entrepreneurs, influencers, and everyday people.

This is such a fun affiliate program to be part of – everyone needs feminine hygiene – and I love being part of this movement. It was easy to grab a link and share it with friends and making money each month when people renew!


Alpha Phi

For my daughter and their friends’ health sake, being a Tampon Tribe affiliate is a no-brainer for me. Getting access to safe tampons and pads is on so many people’s minds at the moment, when I show them the brand, they’re in.

Chris Stammers


I am all about the environment and getting the word out there that products like these exist to help the planet – the fact that I make money on each subscription is such a cool bonus. My kinda program that I am proud to share around.

Molly Herald

Austin, Tx

Great product to work with and easy to sell. I put the link at the end of my emails and on all social accounts and it works for itself. Totally great that there are cash payments into my account and recurring payments too. Love it and so do my referrals.

Greg Meister

San Diego, CA

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Our affiliate program can give you the ability to help the environment, make a difference and make money while doing it.

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