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There are many benefits to attending a women’s only college. Many female students who were apprehensive about attending a women’s college later reported that they appreciated the academic, social, and psychological advantages. They also realized that they believed some myths about women’s colleges which were actually not true.


Benefits of a Women’s College


Many prospective students wonder, “Why a women’s college?” There are many reasons. At a women’s college, there is less pressure to worry about things that distract from education. Students don’t have to spend hours figuring out what to wear. Education can take priority when women don’t have to feel the need to impress the opposite sex.


Women’s colleges can prepare females for traditionally male disciplines.From Collegewise, “Women’s colleges often emphasize community, support females in nontraditional fields (such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM), and have a strong attachment to their traditions and alumnae networks.” with “Women attending women’s colleges are 1.5 times more likely to major in math, science, or premed than women at co-ed schools.” Many feel they are better challenged academically and experience more collaborative learning.


Some women report a greater sense of belonging or support, feeling that women are free to build each other up. The environment at a women’s college tends to give women the confidence and self-esteem they need to succeed even in a workplace where they are in the minority.


Statistics show that about 81% of women’s college graduates continue their education, and they are more than twice as likely to get doctorates. Consequently, graduates tend to be more successful in their careers and report feeling happier.


Misperceptions about Women’s Colleges


There are a few common myths about women’s colleges. One such myth is that women who attend such colleges are all feminists, concerned with women’s issues. While this may apply to some women, the students who attend women’s colleges come from a variety of backgrounds and have different for attending. Another myth is that there will not be any men on the campus, or in the college town they live in. This is false, as there are still male store workers, lecturers, and more. Women who attend women-only campuses tend to end up just as well adjusted and prepared for dealing with the real world as those who attend co-ed campuses.


Some people assume that women’s colleges are modern-day finishing schools. Actually, many go on to become professionals such as doctors and lawyers.


Women’s colleges have much to offer female students. There are mental health benefits, academic benefits, and social benefits. Women’s colleges do an excellent job preparing today’s female students for success in the real world. Unfortunately, many young women are not aware of the benefits of women’s only colleges, with some not even knowing they exist.

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