Whether you want to slash time from your makeup routine in the running or simply want to look your best 24/7, permanent makeup may be a good option for you. It is a quick and relatively painless way to enhance your natural features. Learn more about it below.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is an innovative cosmetic procedure that involves strategically implanting small pigments under the skin. It is most similarly compared to tattooing, except permanent makeup does not last forever. Eventually, the pigments will fade, but this will depend greatly on your skin type, wash frequency and lifestyle habits.

Most women can enjoy their permanent makeup results for at least six months before fading begins. Once this happens, you can get it redone the same way, try a new color or procedure or allow it to fade entirely if you want to take a break from the look. The entire process is relatively fast and painless. Some women experience a tingling sensation or redness and swelling following the initial procedure, but these effects typically subside within a few days, as long as it is properly taken care of.

Is It Natural Looking?

It is important to keep in mind that permanent makeup can look extremely subtle, making it ideal for anyone seeking a natural look. However, it can also look very harsh if done wrong or if you trust an unreliable provider to apply it. This is why it is critical to go to an experienced and reputable permanent makeup provider.

The results provided by permanent makeup can range in intensity that you can choose to customize. Whether you want a barely-there look or prefer something more dramatic, you will rest assured knowing that you are in full control when you consult with an experienced permanent makeup artist.

What is it Used For?

This type of non-invasive cosmetic procedure is an excellent way to make the lips appear larger, brighten the eyes and add definition to the brows. Try semi-permanent makeup like microblading for the perfect brows every day. You will also save time and eliminate the need to fill in your eyebrows with powders or cream products. In the long run, permanent makeup can even save you money from purchasing cosmetics.

Choosing to get permanent makeup is a simple way to look your best and cut your makeup regimen in half. There are many different areas of the face where makeup can be implanted, making the options endless. Consult with an experienced permanent makeup artist to get the best results possible.


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